Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I think I'm in love...

When one is recently single, one obviously starts looking at members of the opposite (or same) sex in a slightly different light, as in a desperately-wanting-to-shamelessly-flirt-with-a-dude-who's-sohotrightnow kind of light.

Fortunately I have my friend Tiffany, who discovers some of the most exciting men on the interwebz, and, being a generous sort of woman, usually shares some of the hottest and demigod-like finds with me.

Recently Tiffany put me on to a fabulous website called Plaid Stallions, where she introduced me to the total Win that is The Lurve Doctor of the 1970's, the King of the Catalogues, the All Man, All The Time, BRICK MANTOOTH!

Oh yeah, ladies (and not a few men), I heard that breathy intake of air and felt that pulse of yours start racing from here! Can you get any more manly than Brick? He's got it all - the perfectly coiffed helmet of manly hair, the gleaming manly smile, the chiseled jaw, lightly-furred chest and... but wait... there's more ...

Yes, Brick is apparently also hung like a donkey. Now, I've heard rumours around the water cooler that there may or may not have been socks / large pillows / kaftans involved in the styling of this shot, but I refuse to believe it. Brick has no need of such artifice. The Brick Mantooth Man is, as I've already said, All Man, All The Time.

In fact, I think this particular shot of Brick answers Mr Anonymous' questions on Kerri Sackville's blogpost the other day on What Women Want in the way of a male appendage. Mr Anonymous - Women Want Brick Mantooth.

And Brick isn't just tremendously manly and handsome, oh no! He's also a spokesperson for fitness and healthy living. Just look at this clever piece of fitness equipment which he was spotted promoting in a magazine:

So ladies (and gents), you can stop looking for the Perfect Man, 'cos I've found him. And I'm keeping him. You will simply have to order one of these replicas from the folks at Plaid Stallions and make do with that:

Yours sincerely,
The Future Mrs Brick Mantooth