Monday, April 26, 2010

Juno Events is up and running!

I'm just so excited!

I've had rejection after rejection on the job front for the last 6 months or more, so I decided to hell with the corporate world, I'll quite simply hire myself.

So I did, and the result is the Juno family as follows:

JUNO EVENTS - event management services for everything from fundraiser balls to corporate golf tournaments, Gran's 80th birthday party to product launches and everything in between!!
Join the Juno Events Facebook page for chats, giggles, updates and tips

JUNO WEDDINGS - full or partial wedding planning service
Juno Weddings on Facebook

JUNO JUNIOR - children's parties and special occasions
Even Junior has his own Facebook page, so stop by and visit

I am self employed! I haz a job! I honestly can't express how that feels after applying for one job after another and getting nowhere.

I've been organising weddings and events for over 15 years now, so this is definitely my area of expertise, and it's also something I absolutely love and adore.

I hope you'll pop by the websites and let me know what you think - they're not all completed just yet, but they're getting there!

Oh, and of course we're on Twitter as well, so I hope you'll follow us HERE, too!


Tuesday, April 13, 2010


My beloved budding artist child produced the following piece with the rather startling title of "Two Rockstars on a Spotty Stage". She is still currently at the height of her "Spottism" phase, so I'm sure we can expect more in this exciting genre:

Jeans Weather

While I welcome the start of summer with open arms and bare legs, after a few months of heat and flies and more flies and heat I'm well and truly over it. That's when I start to look longingly at my jeans sitting on a dusty shelf in the closet and begin to count down the days until I can wear them without melting.

That day has come, and yet mingled with the excitement of Jeans Weather comes the despair of realising that Jeans Don't Fit No More After Wine-filled Summer.


Let's face it. Is there anything more depressing than jeans shopping when the reason for said jeans shopping is that your much-loved perfectly good existing jean collection has mysteriously shrunk over summer? Shopping for jeans because one suddenly inherited a zillion dollars and can now happily splash out on $800 denims is most exciting. Shopping for jeans because you woke up one morning a size 8 and simply swim in your size 10 - 12's is simply fabulous, darling,.

Shopping for jeans because your muffin top expanded and someone injected your thighs with fat while you were sleeping SUCKS.

I don't even want to buy nice jeans. These newly fatter bits of me don't deserve nice jeans. They don't even deserve KMart jeans. They are only worth ex 1980's High Pant acid wash numbers fresh from the nearest op shop.

Maybe it's time for a jeans-free winter.

Or not.