Thursday, July 23, 2009

A lifetime love affair with Sci Fi!

I just love it. And no, I don't have a techy-sciency-geeky bone in my body (well, maybe a very teeny geek bone somewhere in my toe).

Here's the thing with sci fi. There are absolutely no boundaries on imagination. Writers can dream up absolutely anything and everything, not limited by all things earthbound. I love that. The zanier and less probable the better!

Give me 3 breasted blue chicken-footed godesses from the planet Arzabon, whose sole purpose in life is to lay pink eggs. Excellent! OK, so that's a bit far-fetched, but why not?

I was lucky enough to have a Dad who was quite into the original Star Trek TV series, so started pretty young, and I vividly remember being taken to see Star Wars when I was about 6 or 7 years old, during a time of civil unrest when most of the town was boarded up!

In the 70's and 80's my mother went through a phase of being rather hooked on Battlestar Galactica and... and, oh yes, Buck Rogers (phwaaar!). I think she had more of a crush on Lorne Green, though, and my younger sister thought that Erin chick from Buck Rogers was the bee's knees!

Since then, I've tended to stick with the various Star Trek series, although Enterprise just didn't do it for me, and my more recent addictions to Stargate SG1 and Atlantis. I was not impressed with the last 3 Star Wars additions, sorry. They just didn't have the *wow* factor the original 3 did. Way OTT on the CGI, if you ask me (which, admittedly, no one did).

My lovely offspring seem to have inherited the hankering as well. Actually, they probably have had little say in that, as they have been exposed to it since floating happily in the womb! Apart from one rather disturbing incident when my then-8 year old happened to catch a full-frontal nudity scene in Stargate SG1 (I didn't know he was watching - HONEST) I've found it to be kind of all-ages friendly. Sure, there are rating-nazi-parents out there who would vow that I'm condemning my children to hell and damnation, but all I say to them is "meh". My kids, my choice!

Why this post today? Well, it's all basically in honour of the DVD release of Stargate Atlantis Season 5, taking place exactly 6 days from now. Yes, I am that sad, and yes, I shall be stalking my local DVD shop at opening time...

Come on, admit it, who hasn't looked up into the big wide starry night sky and wondered what was out there?

Rock on 29 July!!


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Yeah, baby!

Had to share this one. Miss Z found my round glasses from last week's hippy party, and decided to put together an entire outfit to complement them.

I just love the final look!


Sleep, oh ye elusive sleep

Sleep issues around here are going haywire. I'm an on-again off-again insomniac from way back, that's a given, but now my 10 yr old seems to have caught it. He was awake until 2am last night, and then was crying this morning that he's too tired to go to school. He's now comfortably reclining on the couch with an electric throw rug and kids ABC telly.

He lies in bed for hours simply unable to sleep. We've done the warm milk, the warm bath, we've tried reading and not reading - he just can't seem to get himself off to sleep.

Miss Z just woke up. At 10am. She also took ages to fall asleep, even with me sitting there and doing the hair-stroky head-massagey thing.


I need a nap.


Just the way it do be.

Well, cookfest is trailing off. Here are tonight's highlights:

1 X large cottage pie. Kid seal of approval, hidden veggies and all
20 X chicken sausages. Green. See pic below. I have reservations on their stylishness, but am confident they will taste ok.
12 X raspberry, carrot and zucchini muffins. Another seal of kid approval despite veggies.
12 X cheese and herb muffins. Yet to be tested.
1 X currently simmering pot of potato and roasted garlic soup with a few other sneaky veggies in there. Also yet to be tested.

As promised, here's picture of snaggers:

And another one....

Yeah, I know it kind of spurted out there in a spurty way, but hey, first attempt and all that. Taste test tomorrow night. Mwwuhahahahaha, shall make kids eat green sausages!


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

MYO Snaggers

Help me, O Powers That Be, as I attempt to make sausages for the first time ever. I have the free-range organic chicken thighs (with apologies to the chickens who donated these) and a buncha herb and spicy stuff, and have yet to find a recipe that (a) is for the kind of thing I want to make (b) I can understand and (c) shows me how to squish the meat into the casing.

Fortunately I am all gadgeted-up, and have my handy dandy Kitchen Aid with appropriate attachments, but absolutely SFA idea on how to actually use it. Shoulda watched the DVD that came with the gadgety bits, I guess, but these have now been swallowed up by the Bottomless Pit of Lost DVD's which is slowly but surely taking over our house, a la "The Nothing".

OK. Wish me luck.

I shall either post photos of sausages later or drunken photos of self lobbing hunks of semi-ground chicken flesh at the children.

Do stay tuned!


Just because I can...

Yes, I know it's necessary to document every single moment of this day, so I am therefore sharing with none and nundry that I am, with extreme excitement, heading out to Drovers Market in Wanneroo to see what sort of local, fresh, healthy noms are there for the taking today!

Nom nom, burp, hic, yummo!


Ewe-Neek baby names

Oh yes, I love to mock. I especially like to mock really stoopid people, and if you can relate, then you absolutely must make yourself a cuppa and settle down to have a good read of these pages:

Most enjoyable, and puts a bit of wicked back in your day :-)


I'm ba-a-a-a-a-a-ck, did I miss me?

So w00t with a side order of w00t, I remembered the log in details for this old blog hangout, and have given it a good clean slating ready to start again.

Lots of bits and bobs to get to on the tidying up front, but first must just post today's list of things that have either truly given me the shits, or would have if they had actually happened.

1. Slow. Walking. People. Honestly, people, if you are as wide as a bus and are out with your bus-like cohorts, DO NOT WALK 5 ABREAST right in front of me at a pace which would be overtaken by a snail on crutches. I *will* get violent. And rude. And Bus-ist! Single file or pick up the pace!

2. Wireless broadband dongly type gadgets that don't work. Well, at least if they do, they refuse to share the secret with me.

3. Dora the Explorer. 'Nuff said.

4. My kettle. You are making the water taste funny, which is simply not good enough for this coffee-addict. I've cleaned you, you know I have, and yet you persist in your funny-tasting-ness. Cease and desist! Or ye shall be replaced (which goes totally against my culture of recycle, re-use, don't buy shit you don't need, blah, blah, double blah!)

Ok, toodle-pip and all that. Off to play with formatting and other stuff.