Tuesday, July 21, 2009

MYO Snaggers

Help me, O Powers That Be, as I attempt to make sausages for the first time ever. I have the free-range organic chicken thighs (with apologies to the chickens who donated these) and a buncha herb and spicy stuff, and have yet to find a recipe that (a) is for the kind of thing I want to make (b) I can understand and (c) shows me how to squish the meat into the casing.

Fortunately I am all gadgeted-up, and have my handy dandy Kitchen Aid with appropriate attachments, but absolutely SFA idea on how to actually use it. Shoulda watched the DVD that came with the gadgety bits, I guess, but these have now been swallowed up by the Bottomless Pit of Lost DVD's which is slowly but surely taking over our house, a la "The Nothing".

OK. Wish me luck.

I shall either post photos of sausages later or drunken photos of self lobbing hunks of semi-ground chicken flesh at the children.

Do stay tuned!



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