Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Just the way it do be.

Well, cookfest is trailing off. Here are tonight's highlights:

1 X large cottage pie. Kid seal of approval, hidden veggies and all
20 X chicken sausages. Green. See pic below. I have reservations on their stylishness, but am confident they will taste ok.
12 X raspberry, carrot and zucchini muffins. Another seal of kid approval despite veggies.
12 X cheese and herb muffins. Yet to be tested.
1 X currently simmering pot of potato and roasted garlic soup with a few other sneaky veggies in there. Also yet to be tested.

As promised, here's picture of snaggers:

And another one....

Yeah, I know it kind of spurted out there in a spurty way, but hey, first attempt and all that. Taste test tomorrow night. Mwwuhahahahaha, shall make kids eat green sausages!



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