Tuesday, September 1, 2009

All About The Blogging

Liss over at Frills in the Hills has started a bit of a blog meme, so I thought I'd join in and pass it on to the rest of you because, well, I'm nosey, ok?

Here are your questions, please comment and let me know if you've added this to your own blog so I can come and have a sticky beak at your answers!

  • How did you come up with the name of your blog?
  • What was the first blog you followed?
  • What's the latest blog you followed?
  • What blog do you follow that surprises you doesn't have more followers?
  • The blog you adore the style of?
  • The blog you visit first thing in the morning?
  • The blog you go to for a laugh?
  • The blog you go to live vicariously or get inspiration from and why?
  • Which blog did you get this from?
Name of my blog: It's almost embarassingly corny, but true. I was having an utter SHYTE of a day, and was nearly in tears for some reason or another. My gorgeous 5 year old daughter saw me ready to throw the dishwasher out the window and the dog over the fence and disappeared into her room and came out wearing a plastic princess tiara. She handed me another one and said if I put it on I would be a fairy princess just like her, and wouldn't be cross any more.

After I melted into a puddle of motherly love on the floor, I took her spare tiara and wore it for the rest of the evening until it bored holes in my skull, but she was right - you can't be cross when you're wearing a sparkly tiara!

Warned you it was vomitously corny! Actually, that's more about my username than my blog name, but it'll do. The poncho thing kind of follows the same train of thought and comes from a BBC comedy show called The Mighty Boosh. It's also something my boyfriend says all the time.

First blog I followed: A blog by a dear friend of mine called The Crone at Wit's End. She is an inspiration in all things environmental, veggie-garden-ish, maternal and spiritual and is also highly amusing when she's been nipping at the gin. She was off blogging for a while there, but is easing herself back into it. I highly recommend a visit!

Latest blog I've followed: Cluttercut, written by the lovely Daharja. I found her blog via Eat at Dixiebelle's and am looking forward to reading much more.

Blogs I'm surprised don't have more followers: this one is tough, I find it hard to remember how many followers each one has, but I think a special mention should go to this one, of particular interest to mums of premmies. The Smallest Pencil is a daily journal, written retrospectively by a mum of a 10 week premature baby who is now a bouncing 8 year old. Also Hipbubbymama, written by Spiralmumma, who, as we have discovered is me and vice versa. It's kind of cool! She also makes way cool baby slings, which are NEARLY cute enough to tempt me back on that merry-go-round(but not quite, sorry J!).

Blog you adore the style of: Oh bugger, I can't possibly pick one here, there are so many. I guess I'll go with one of my fave Big Bloggy Sites Mamamia by Mia Freeman, as I love how her site is so interactive and how she's not afraid to say it as she sees it!

Blog I visit first thing in the morning: Well d'uh! Mine, of course! I have to see if anyone has commented on anything, or if I blogged anything dubious when under the influence the night before!

Blogs I visit for a laugh: Oh, there are a few. My Twitter bloggy friends in particular. Here are a few of them Not Drowning, Mothering, Life and Other Crises, Pottymouth Mama, and Waffling Along. Damnit, I just know I've forgotten some, so if I follow you, and you make me laugh and I rudely forgot your blog, just kick me in the butt and post it in a comment below!

Blog I go to to live vicariously or for inspiration: Honestly, all of the blogs I follow inspire me in one way or another, and in some way I'm also experiencing each blogger's life vicariously, so I'm going to put my foot down and refuse to answer this question as it would take too long to explain each one, and I'm about to be late to pick up the kids from school anyway!!

Blog I got this from: That would be Frills in the Hills!

Thanks, Liss!

Bugger, I am seriously going to be late. Please comment, please post on your own site, please indulge my nosiness!


PS - please excuse formatting errors. I have absolutely NFI how to format properly on here *blush*


Liss said...

I'm loving reading all of these, I'm finding lots of new blogs too - either by the answers or comments/more people doing the meme - it's fun!!

Aussie-waffler said...

I loved your story about the tiara, nothing wrong with having the odd Gummi Bear moment or wearing a plastic tiara for the day, everyone does that, don't they ?
Thanks for the mention, it makes me so happy to think my waffling puts a smile on someone's face.

Sharpest Pencil said...

Thank you thank you thank you. And Smallest Pencil thanks you too.

I love your name and often think of you wearing a sparkly tiara while waiting in that hideous pick up line at school (and of course while hopping about on a pogo stick)

Joni Leimgruber said...

I agree with AW - the tiara story is gorgeous :o)

Joni Leimgruber said...

I just posted my answers if you're still feeling nosey! Pro-Filed.blogspot.com

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