Friday, September 18, 2009

Things I'm just fed up of doing

  • Refilling the pets' water bowl. It's boring and tedious.
  • Checking the toilet seat before perching thereon, and invariably finding spots of wee to be wiped up. Aim better, children.
  • Not using up all the veggies I buy before they go mouldy and ewwwwww.
  • Trying to hang onto even a semblance of respect for Aussie politicians after watching Question Time. I'm struggling here, people, can't you lot just TRY to grow up and act like responsible adults?
  • Looking at mountains of papers and unopened mail. Can I just put a sticker on my mailbox saying "No Mail, Please"?
  • Dealing with dust-bunnies. Seriously, can I get hold of some dust-bunny contraceptives and put an end to these little bastards once and for all?
  • DVDs. Everywhere. Piles of them. Not in cases. Needing sorting. Getting scratched.
  • Weeds. 'Nuff said.
  • Filling up car with petrol. Up there with filling water bowl - boring and tedious, with the added bonus of being fucking expensive.
  • Looking for a job. Come on, employers of Australia, you KNOW you want a part time employee with a myriad of skills who will have to call in sick every time one of her children is sick.
  • Dealing with stupid people. They're everywhere. Like case-less DVD's and dust-bunnies. Can't someone just make them all go away?
  • Hearing daft Americans likening their president to Hitler because he thinks healthcare should be available to everyone, including the *gasp* poor. Freaking idiots.
  • Trying to keep track of socks. Where. Do. They. Go???
  • Figuring out what bra size is actually right for me. They're all either a bit too small or a bit too big. Goldilocks, anyone?
  • Watching my big toenail go black, crack all the way over and now waiting for it to fall off. Also fed up of wondering what on earth is underneath it? Can one buy fake toenails? I may need one for summer.
  • Waiting for the Child Support Agency to pull their thumbs out of their collective arses and chase up the $$ I am owed!

Please feel free to add your own!



ACTing Like A Mama said...

I could totally own this post and claim each point as something that makes me fed up too (well, apart from the black toenail one, I don't have one - but my husband gets them all the time and they fall off and, well, that makes me fed up knowing I have to sleep next to it and all.)

Hope that dream job comes along quickly for you!

Col said...

Changing the toilet roll - it really is way too difficult to bend down (whilst seated on toilet) pick up a new one, remove empty roll and replace with a new one ... dare I even mention what happens with safor mentioned empty toilet roll ...

You know the ritual of removing ones clothes and replacing them with clean ones - well this brings up 2 issues, yes I said 2 issues for me ...
1) It is apparently IMPOSSIBLE for a 38 year old to drop dirty clothes in the hamper ... he much prefers to leave them on the floor NEXT TO said hamper, and
2) WHO THE HELL DO THEY THINK DOES THE FREAKING WASHING? I spend my life washing, hanging, ironing and folding - wear your freaking jeans for more than 1 day unless they're DISGUSTINGLY filthy dammit.

Huni, I could so go on and on here ... but I won't LOL

Amanda {My Life Badly Written} said...

1. I am sick of cleaning up dog poo, child poo and baby poo...enough of the shit!!
2. DUSTBUNNIES are the bain of my existance - apparently (according to Shannon Lush) if you use a small water feature it does something to the ions in the air so there is not as much dust, antique shops use it...have to research it more but...
3. Having NO time to do anything (except blog - of course)
4. Have time move at warp speed while my hubby is home and go backwards when he is away.
5. My tummy - shrink already, I gave birth 7 months ago don't worry about the tim tams...

I could go on but I am depressing myself!!

Anonymous said...

I just don't get the Americans and all their freaky-outness about reform to the Healthcare system. Haven't they seen 'Sicko'? Anything's better than the situ right now.

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