Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Clothing retailers - DO BETTER!

Earlier this week I spent a small fortune on new summer wardrobes for my offspring, who have had the audacity to increase in size considerably since last summer, selfish little creatures.

Not being flush with cash, the vast majority of my purchases came from Target, with a couple of Pumpkin Patch numbers and one or two items from surf shops for the trendy older 2.

I've just washed most of them for the first time and as I was hanging them out was utterly disgusted to see the state they were in after ONE wash, in COLD water, NO dryers involved. A few of the tshirts are so stretched out of shape that they're barely recognisable. There are hemlines coming down, long threads trailing from them which have actually pulled holes in the fabric during the wash. Buttons have come off, pockets are fraying ridiculously and overall these items look like they were boiled in a vat of oil and then repeatedly stomped on by a large angry fishwife.

Now, I don't expect budget clothing to last forever. I can live with it not even lasting until it's outgrown, but I am NOT happy about them looking like this after one wash. It's quite simply unacceptable.

Retailers of Australia - what happened to quality? Seriously, are we turning into such a disposable society that clothing is now designed to only last for one or two wears? Besides the obvious waste and financial cost that entails, what about the environmental costs of mass producing cheap crap that is then thrown away and replaced with more mass-produced cheap crap in no time?

It's not good enough, and something needs to be done about it.

American retailers, you seem to be a bit more sensible on these things. I still have clothing items purchased in a Target store (so still budget) in California 5 years ago which have been worn and washed countless times and look nearly as good as new. Labels like OshKosh really do seem to focus on quality as well as fashion. Why do we settle for less in Australia? One reason I can think of is that line-drying in the USA is nearly unheard of, so clothing is specifically made to be dryer safe, which I'm guessing involves a higher quality product.

Target and Pumpkin Patch - guess what? I'm on my way back to visit you with your shoddy products and will be demanding both an explanation and a refund. I don't want a store credit - I want a refund, and I will be searching online to purchase quality, made-in-Australia items - probably from WAH mothers who actually GET why this is important.

Oh - and I'll also be keeping my spending $$ in Australia rather than them heading offshore to China, which happens to be where every shoddy item I've mentioned was made.



Clarinda said...

I hear you!! Hope you get those refunds

tiff(threeringcircus) said...

I agree and it's not only the budget clothes that fall apart. Last year I purchased a gorgeous shirt from Run Scotty Run. I had had my eye on it for Noah forever and was really happy with their product in the past but after one wash the whole print had come away, leaving a sticky smeared mess. I'm not usually one to make a big song and dance about clothes but this was an expensive tshirt that I expected would last the boy all of the Summer season and then some.
So I contacted them and they were great, said they had had alot of trouble with that particular shirt and that they would replace it with an alternative.

Except they never did and I didn't bother chasing them up.
I'll just never buy one of their products again.

Sad because their clothing is gorgeous.

MMBB said...

Stuff just doesn't last anymore does it!

I think the main problem is Companies cutting costs on quality threads and fabrics, not so much the actual construction of the stuff. Nearly everything is made in China, the labour is cheap as chips but there workmanship is very good.

I definitely support Australian made, we all should, we need to put more demand on Australian made and push for more Australian manufacturers. They think it's too expensive, so we have to get behind oz and tell them what we want, if the demand is high then it will happen.

Peter McCaughan said...

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