Friday, October 29, 2010

Fashion trends that baffle me.

To be fair, I'm quite easily baffled, but I've seen things around the place recently which have me scratching my head and wondering WHY? I mean, I get that fashion is fashion and shalt evermore be fashion world without end amen, but why doesn't Unflattering beat Fashion?

Take these thong-boot numbers, for example. They're everywhere, but I think they rate so highly on the fugly-o-meter that they should have their own category on it. Or maybe I'm just showing my age...

Then there's the whole leggings-as-pants issue. There must be a million or so blogposts, nightmare pictures, web sites and Facebook groups that all use the slogan Leggings Are Not Pants. Surely the word is spreading, I mean, people must KNOW how awful it looks, right? So who are all these women (often young girls) who insist on offending my eyeballs left, right and centre every time I venture out of the house? Please Freaking Stop It Right Now!!

It would be rude to leave out the boys, so I've got a special little ranty section for you on emo hair for boys. Please - look in the goddamned mirror before you leave the house. Oh, that's right, you can't actually see anything from behind that hair. That explains a lot.

My last baffling fashion du jour isn't necessarily a new one, but a few tweets on the subject the other night made me do a bit of googling on the subject, and I now heartily wish I hadn't bothered. The whole Toddlers and Tiara look makes me wanna throw up, quite frankly, and then bitch-slap the ignorant fucktards who put their children through it. Tossers.

So what makes you want to bleach your eyeballs in current fashion trends? Am I just old, crotchety and stuck in the 80s, or are there others who get as stabby as I do seeing people walking around in public willingly (one assumes) dressed like utter gits?

Anyhoo - signing off on a Friday arvo here in the blogosphere so I can go chill my wine and my wine glasses, 'cos it's officially Very Nearly Wine o'Clock chez Sparkly Tiara!

Mwah's all round and *clink clink*



PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

I have NEVER seen those thong/boot things and I swear I never want to {IRL!}. And yep, with you on virtually all the rest - and I'd also like to add the pants under the bum thing - how, how, HOW do they walk?

So Now What? said...

Oh god my eyes. What the hell are those tassled thong things? People totally lose their shit when it comes to fashion.

Maxabella said...

How glad I am that I popped over from the Pink Fibro to read your hilarious pretzel post. So I started to look around and you are so ME. I can't stand the trend of 'boot sandals'. It bothers me in a way I don't even understand. The aesthetics, the confused shoe identity crisis... the fact that you just look like a total bogan when you're wearing them. It's all there.

The leggings as pants issue is a major problem, of course.

I just want to brush that darn emo hair BACK.

And I always spontaneously vomit when I see children in makeup so excuse me while I leave to throw up... x

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