Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Just want to introduce you to a friend...

... and her new blog. A blog about her life in rural France, renovating a Very Old French Farmhouse with her hubby Tony the Tractor Guy, and living a life I'd love to live. In fact, we have a deal that if my lotto win comes through I'm on the next plane over there with the kids to hang out in France all summer and help them with veggies, tractor antics and red wine quaffing, so please join me in wishing for those lucky numbers to come up!

Her blog is Diary of a Pretend Farmer and I hope you enjoy reading. I'm thinking there could be some pretty spiffy recipes coming up at some point, too...


PS - she's also inspired me to crank up my own blog after far-too-long of a break, and for this I thank her.


Tara said...

Bonjour Sparkly T!
Love love love your blog and I'm sure as we get weather in rural France we'll soon discover how happy we can be in ponchos too!
Please please keep me posted on your imminent lotto win and we shall continue to prepare space for you and the kids to call home one day! :)
Tractor Tony & T xxx

Thea said...

I'm there!!!! :)
Thanks for the introduction. :)

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