Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Order has been placed!

I've spent the last hour perusing the Select Organic website and finally got the order sent in after much umm-ing and ahhh-ing over the zillions of varieties of tomatoes available! Who knew??

Here's what this spring holds for me in the way of growing some food:

- Bean, Bush - Provider
Packets: 1@$3.20 $3.20
- Capsicum - Californian Wonder
Packets: 1@$3.20 $3.20
- Carrot - Chantenay Red-cored
Packets: 1@$3.20 $3.20
- Chilli - Habanero
Packets: 1@$3.20 $3.20
- Cucumber - Muncher Burpless
Packets: 1@$3.20 $3.20
- Eggplant - Rosa Bianca
Packets: 1@$3.20 $3.20
- Herbs - Basil - Sweet
Packets: 1@$3.20 $3.20
- Herbs - Coriander - Cilantro - Slow Bolting
Packets: 1@$3.20 $3.20
- Herbs - Dill - Bouquet
Packets: 1@$3.20 $3.20
- Herbs - Oregano - Greek
Packets: 1@$3.20 $3.20
- Lettuce - Freckles
Packets: 1@$3.20 $3.20
- Silverbeet - Rainbow Chard
Packets: 1@$3.20 $3.20
- Tomato - Cherry Cocktail - Red
Packets: 1@$3.20 $3.20
- Tomato - Roma
Packets: 1@$3.20 $3.20
- Zucchini - Fordhook
Packets: 1@$3.20 $3.20

Plus I'm sharing the above seeds with at least one other person, as I don't have enough space myself to grow that much, which makes it an even cheaper food option!

*Small Happy Dance*



alivicwil said...

very exciting! You've got a nice range of stuff there.

I've never had much luck with carrots. I hope yours is better!

Sparkly Tiara said...

Mine were a bit sad last year,too, so I've chosen shorter ones this year. Shall see how it goes!

h&b said...

awesome haul, and thanks for alerting me to a great site! Had to click to check out Freckles Lettuce though .. sounded a bit suss...


Sparkly Tiara said...

LOL, H&B, I had to look at a photo of them too.

Lorna Lilo said...

I'm trying to grow bottles of wine at the moment. I keep picking them though so unfortunately they won't blossom.

dixiebelle said...

Sounds great... we are just putting in some seedlings and seeds too. I do want to find a nice big tomato, as we only have cherry tomatoes so far. We also got some other kid friendly things, like organic Moon & Starts watermelon, rainbow chard and purple beans... probably won't help them eat them though! LOL

Sharing the seeds sounds like a great idea, and I plan to start seed saving too!

jjchapman said...

I am very encouraged by your big order! OUr garden consists mostly of potatoes, rocket and various lettuce (still out winter crops). I notice you are getting some freckles! Lovely - we have some of that almost ready to start picking.

All the best!
Jenny (JayJayCee1 on Twitter)

Nap Warden said...

Our veggie garden was a complete bust this season:( There is really nothing better than fresh Basil:P

daharja said...

ohhhhhh...seed porn! :-)

Happy gardening!

Sparkly Tiara said...

Definite seed porn, lol!

I had a lovely surprise waiting in my letterbox when I got home from work today - yep, the seeds are here! Time to break out the seedling trays and start playing!

Yay :-)

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