Monday, August 24, 2009

People are evil, aka WTF is wrong with some people

*LANGUAGE WARNING - This blog post will contain multiple profanities and possibly some spelling mistakes and almost definitely overuse of commas, exclamation marks and ellipses*

So I watched the news tonight. It's not something I do often, but it happened to be on. Usually I read my news online and selectively click on stories my sensitive psyche can handle. Obviously I should keep on doing just that. Here are a few gems that got my blood absolutely fucking boiling:

Elderly Man Gets Hit With Tomahawk Helping Bleeding Mother and Child

Elderly dude is in laundromat, waiting for clothes to be clean and/or dry. Bleeding woman staggers in, clutching 2 year old child. Elderly man (well up and current on his first aid) begins to administer aid. No sooner does he commence his Good Samaritanship but drunken partner of bleeding woman staggers in and attacks him. With a tomahawk. At his eye.

Elderly man tries in vain to get away, fortunately drunken partner dude sees sense and stops. At this point drunken partner dude starts apologising profusely. This whole story is as told by elderly good dude in hospital bed with unspeakably horribly facial trauma. Elderly dude has no animosity, says his faith in the Lord enables him to see the best in drunken partner dude, and says that "he's probably quite a good bloke under different circumstances".

My awe is split between the fucktardiness of drunken partner dude and the amazing forgiveness and largess of elderly dude. Elderly dude has shattered eye socket, may never regain sight in that eye, and was about to take a test to be a driving instructor.
WTF is wrong with some people?

2 year old girl mauled by pitbull

Dad of 2 year old girl takes said girl to a mate's house. Mate's pitbull attacks her, toddler barely recognisable with horrible contusions and swelling to left side of face, both hands (put up to defend herself, can hardly contain tears here) wrapped in bandages. Camera goes to (sorry, my take on it) teenaged bogan-looking mother weeping about the state of her daughter with equally teenaged bogan-looking father at her side. Goes on about scars for life and therapy for daughter to ever get control of facial muscles again. Reporter states that owner of pitbull says it supposedly escaped after the incident.

My queries. Dad gets my wrath first. Why take your daughter to the home of someone who owns an unrestrained pitbull? Why allow your child in a ROOM with said dog? Owner of pitbull gets more. These dogs are genetic mutants. They have been specifically bred for viciousness and attack qualities. Why own one? WHY FUCKING OWN ONE? Don't anyone try and tell me that there is such a thing as a family-friendly pitbull. As I said. Genetic fucking mutants. It's not their fault, bless them. It's the fucking wankers that have gone out of their way to put the most vicious dog they can find with the most vicious bitch they can find and sell the offspring to total fuckwit idiots who think they are some sort of cool and tuff status symbols.


Ben Cousins

Total up-his-own-arse sports brat. Got busted for drugs, got the right PR, faked the whole rehabilitation thing and somehow ended up back on an AFL team. Wanker. Fuckwit arrogant idiot wanker. Did the whole "Don't do drugs, kids, it's way bad!" spiel to try and get some street cred back. Wanker.

Tonight on the news I see a wee snippet how he got whacked hard in the head in some tackle at the weekend (not-so-secretly cheering here). Describes how it felt to the reporter. (Forgive paraphrasing, was too angry to remember verbatim quote) "Yeah, like, I felt all woozy and heady. Hey man, I used to pay $5000 to get a head that felt like that."

Unforgiveably glib, total utter fuckwit wanker from hell who should be shot.


Rant over. I feel better now.



Liss said...

Yep, gotta agre. I tend to avoid the news when I'm feeling I can't deal with it, and mostly do the or and only open what I can bear to read.
Ben Cousins...meh.. when are they going to stop caring about him? I did AGES ago.

Marywin said...

I with you T, I don't watch the news anymore and only read about the worlds financial/ecological status because of all the reasons in your posts. Otherwise, I'd be in a teary mess 24/7.

h&b said...

The news upsets me daily - especially the child-torturers/ killers. Did you keep an eye on the Baby P case from the UK? Don't google, it's really really fucking awful.

Ok, well, he had torn ears (? ) pulled fingernails, lost teeth ( from being smacked in the mouth ) and 2 days before his DEATH saw a doctor who did not realise he was paralysed from the waist down ( thrown into walls ). His stepdad used to terrorise him with the family dog ( prob a pitbull ) while the mother used to like to spend her days drinking and looking at porn on the computer.

Ok, now i'm tearing up again.

I don't watch Sports news, so first i've heard about the BC comment - are you fucking kidding me ? And hello, was it LIVE, it should have been edited - what kind of a message is that?
What a wad.


Sparkly Tiara said...

H&B, I heard it on the evening news on Ch 9. Dispicable pig.

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