Thursday, June 16, 2011

Beloved Boots

My feet are borked.  This is a simple, yet unpleasant fact.  Botched surgery when I was 20ish to repair a case of Morton's neuroma and hammertoes, followed by 20 years in the hospitality and events industry has led me down the path of Comfortable Footwear For Life.

Summer sucks - there simply aren't many hot-weather-appropriate Comfortable Shoes, but in winter my feet squirm in delight at the thought of being snugly encased in boots with thick, fluffy socks.

My Old Faithfuls, seen below, are a joy to wear, and I love them dearly.

Recently, though, I've had a hankering to return to my previous Old Faithfuls - a pair of Doc Martens I bought in London in 1988, which were reluctantly retired to the Doc Marten Fields Of Joy In The Sky about 5 years ago, and hadn't been replaced.

Until last week.

When I found these:

They are black and shiny, with a gorgeous embossed floral design.  The leather is slightly softer than the standard Docs, and are already beginning to stretch and relax into my own personal borked foot shape.  The simple act of putting them on and lacing them up makes me feel like a rebellious student stomping about the streets of London again.

I love my stomping boots.



Sparkles said...

Fit Flops for summer.. the missus is also on her feet all day and has heel spurs and these are the only thing that helped her.

I adore those boots

Sparkly Tiara said...

I also wear Fit Flops in summer - just discovered them this summer just gone. I even wear them all day at work. They make SPARKLY ones, lol! Full of win!

Sparkles said...

I have gold sparkly ones :D which i too only discovered this summer.

Anonymous said...

Ooh love the docs!
I have crazy feet too.. quite hard finding something comfortable

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