Thursday, June 16, 2011

I can haz Facebook

Now seems the perfect time to cheat on Twitter and start a social media threesome to add some spark to my life, so I'm now on Facebook, too.

You can like me by clicking the link on the left.  Or you can ignore this post and do nothing.  In which case I shall sink into a lonely pit of despair and gloom.

You choose.




Sandi said...

Hey Lady! New reader here! I liked you on facebook so no need for pits of despair or any other ungoodness that may have arisen! I saw that you love wine and sci-fi and I thought OH ME TOO!! And can I just add that if you like sci-fi and Doctor Who OH MY GOD DID YOU SEE LAST WEEKS EPISODE!?!?! I'm moving to Britain just so I don't have to wait a week after them to see what happens! LOL, Hope I didn't scare you, and maybe you'll follow me in return. I'm new to blogging but I promise I'm not boring. Haha! HUGS!

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